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Others Keep Your Distance

Licking the light off of the pavement

Government by 2nd hand sloganeering

Exercise Area

GPO, Hunter in the Know

On learning of a virus

My computer isn’t working properly. Everytime I use it, I become embedded, a physical symptom of a deeper malaise, a tension that wraps itself around me. On trying…

‘Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle’

Individuals at Risk – enjoy your usual outdoor activities.

Air quality is vastly improved in the diminution of our frenetic lives. Far fewer airplanes fly, cars drive, trains train. Industry – or whatever passes as such here…

Tesco: express

Tory Party Unicorn

Applaud the NHS

‘It’s like the Nazi’s up in there’, my interlocuter said, as we braced the park, a stiff northly setting in the start of March. She worked close to…

T34/85mm & f2/24mm

Soviet main battle tank in Southwark.