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Love the World. Go Construct

Others Keep Your Distance

Licking the light off of the pavement

Government by 2nd hand sloganeering

Exercise Area

GPO, Hunter in the Know

On learning of a virus

My computer isn’t working properly. Everytime I use it, I become embedded, a physical symptom of a deeper malaise, a tension that wraps itself around me. On trying…

‘Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle’

Individuals at Risk – enjoy your usual outdoor activities.

Air quality is vastly improved in the diminution of our frenetic lives. Far fewer airplanes fly, cars drive, trains train. Industry – or whatever passes as such here…

Tesco: express

Tory Party Unicorn

Applaud the NHS

‘It’s like the Nazi’s up in there’, my interlocuter said, as we braced the park, a stiff northly setting in the start of March. She worked close to…